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what are the prices for web site design?
Techveerankis generally charges Rs 6000/- per custom static website including coding and web graphics design.

How many samples you can provide to choose a template for my web site?
Techveerankis provide 3 unique templates to choose the best template. Techveerankis assist you to make some changes on selected template.

Do you designing web sites only or provide hosting services too?
Yes, we are offer hosting service too, we are one stop coffee shop to provide all your needs, like domain registration and hosting servies.

What is the “static” and a “dynamic” site, explain some difference?
Static Website - a static website is the pages written in html language. Each page is separate document no interaction with the database, every frequent modification done by manual html functionality only.
Dynamic website – a dynamic site develops with the help of server side scripting language (PHP, ASP, JAVA etc) written with very complex code. Dynamic sites will allow you to change or update the website elements like changing the content and uploading the images or videos.
Static sites don’t have interactions with websites, dynamic sites have more interactions with the website.

What do I have to do to get my site listed in search engines?
Every browser naturally recognizes the websites, Search Engines especially believe your incoming links to determine your popularity.

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